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January 2017 Newsletter

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Feb 8, 2017

                                                     Spring Themes

Date                                                    Theme                                                               Days of Note

Week 1                                                                                                                            

January 23rd-29th                         Welcome Back                                                 

Week 2                                                                                                                            

January 30th-February 5th        Safety in the Gym                                          

Week 3                                                                                                                            

February 6th-12th                         Winter Fun                                                        

Week 4                                                                                                                            

February 14th-19th                      Valentines                                                        No Class February 13th

Week 5                                                                                                                            

February 20th-26th                      Pajama Day                                                      Wear Pajamas

Week 6                                                                                                                            

February 27th-March 5th           Counting                                                            

Week 7                                                                                                                            

March 6th-12th                              Opposites                                                          

NO CLASSES Spring Break March 13th-30th

Week 8                                                                                                                            

March 27th-April 2nd                   Spring has Sprung                                          

Week 9                                                                                                                            

April 3rd -9th                                   I am Growing (body awareness)              

Week 10                                                                                                                         

April 10th-13th                               Hippity Hoppity Easter                                No Class April 14-16th

Week 11                                                                                                                         

April 18th-23rd                               Nutrition                                                           No Class April 17th

Week 12                                                                                                                         

April 24th- 30th                              Noah's Arc (animals near and far)           

Week 13                                                                                                                         

May 1st-7th                                     Balls and Balloons                                           

Week 14                                                                                                                         

May 8th-14th                                  Butterflies and Bugs                                     No Class May 13th-14th

Week 15                                                                                                                         

May 15th-21st                                Camping                                                             

Week 16                                                                                                                         

May 23rd-28th                                Backwards (listen and move)                   No Class May 22nd

Week 17                                                                                                                         

May 29th-June 4th                       Beach day                                                         Wear Swim Suit

Week 18                                                                                                                         

June 5th-June 11th                       Fun Day                                                              


Feb 8, 2017

If your child missed last class, PROGRESS REPORTS for CANGYM and PRESCHOOL programs may be picked up at the office.

Please note office hours.

Feb 1, 2017

Employee of the Month January 2017 - Mason Wong